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Brain Fog: What It Is and How NAD+ IV Therapy Can Help

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Have you ever experienced a sense of mental fatigue, confusion, or a lack of mental clarity? This state of mind is commonly referred to as brain fog, and it can be a frustrating and debilitating condition. Brain fog can manifest as difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, and a general feeling of mental exhaustion. While many people experience brain fog on occasion, for some, it can be a chronic condition that significantly impacts their daily lives.

What Causes Brain Fog?

Brain fog can have various causes, including sleep deprivation, stress, hormonal imbalances, medication side effects, and poor nutrition. Some medical conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune diseases can also contribute to brain fog.

NAD+ IV Therapy and Brain Fog

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It plays a vital role in energy metabolism and DNA repair, and it is essential for maintaining the health of our cells. As we age, our NAD+ levels decrease, which can contribute to many age-related conditions, including brain fog.

NAD+ IV therapy is a treatment that can increase NAD+ levels in the body. The therapy involves intravenous infusion of NAD+ directly into the bloodstream. This method delivers NAD+ directly to the cells, bypassing the digestive system, and allowing for maximum absorption.

Studies have shown that NAD+ IV therapy can improve cognitive function, including memory, attention, and concentration, which are often affected by brain fog. It has also been shown to improve energy levels, mood, and overall wellbeing.

Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy

In addition to improving brain fog symptoms, NAD+ IV therapy has many other potential benefits, including:

  1. Anti-aging
    NAD+ is essential for DNA repair and maintaining cellular health. By increasing NAD+ levels, NAD+ IV therapy can help to slow down the aging process.
  2. Addiction recovery
    NAD+ IV therapy has been used as a part of addiction recovery treatment. It helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and it has been shown to improve mood and overall wellbeing.
  3. Increased energy
    NAD+ plays a critical role in energy metabolism. By increasing NAD+ levels, NAD+ IV therapy can improve energy levels and reduce fatigue.
  4. Improved athletic performance
    NAD+ IV therapy has been shown to improve athletic performance by increasing endurance and reducing fatigue.


Brain fog can be a frustrating and debilitating condition that can impact your quality of life. While there are many potential causes of brain fog, NAD+ IV therapy can be an effective treatment option. By increasing NAD+ levels, NAD+ IV therapy can improve cognitive function, reduce fatigue, and improve overall wellbeing.

At Mybest Clinic, we are thrilled to offer NAD+ IV therapy by REVIV, providing you with the opportunity to experience its numerous health benefits. Indicated as an anti-aging therapy, our treatment approach involves a loading dose plan consisting of four in-clinic IV sessions, each lasting approximately four hours, scheduled over the span of seven days, totaling 16 hours. To ensure the long-term benefits, regular monthly visits are recommended.

If you are currently grappling with brain fog, we invite you to take a proactive step towards finding relief. Book a consultation with our dedicated medical team to explore whether NAD+ IV therapy is the right choice for you. Our experts will carefully evaluate your situation and guide you on the path to potentially regaining mental clarity and revitalizing your overall well-being. Don’t let brain fog hold you back any longer; start your journey towards a brighter, clearer future today.

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