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Our vision is simple: to offer a one stop shop to help people look and feel their absolute best.

Stemming from our passion to bring something unique to the industry, we at MyBest Clinic offer an innovative combination of Health, Wellness and Beauty. We are a team of medical doctors and nurses, with holistic roots, and a passion for sharing an enhanced quality of life with as many people as possible.  We believe that the secret to achieving real results requires a treatment plan addressing goals and concerns from the inside out. 

Inspired by these beliefs came the business model for MyBest Clinic. Originating as the first Reviv IV Therapy and Booster Shot clinic in Canada, our clients came to us looking to enhance their overall vitality and wellbeing. Later came the addition of our SKIN90 and BODY90 programs to further support our clients’ goals.

Our recipe for success ensures that we have covered all the bases; science and results-driven, medical team members, holistic and integrative principles, comprehensive yet manageable treatment plans.

Science and Results

Although we pride ourselves on our dynamic and holistic approach, we rely on science first and foremost.  If it made it onto our list of offerings, we are confident that the science supports its efficacy. The specifics of our programs are based on this science and intended to maximize results.

Team Members

Our treatments and programs are nurse-led under the close supervision of our team of medical doctors. We pride ourselves on selecting only the most compassionate and supportive nurses who are consistently engaged in ongoing education and development to offer our clients the absolute best care.  


Ones’ body functions as a whole entity so it seems illogical to us to treat it in any other way. By getting to the root of what our clients are putting in their bodies, and on their skin, we strive to provide real and lasting results.

Treatment Planning

Our team of qualified medical professionals will take the time to get to know your goals and work with you to provide a sustainable treatment plan that will drive results. Our team will then support you along the way with a brand-new treatment plan created every 90 days.

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