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Less Zoom More Boom

By April 25, 2022April 26th, 2022No Comments
how to stay active while working from home

Aretha Franklin was bang on decades ago when she wrote the song “Who’s Zoom’in Who”. It runs parallel with our present day work vs. home life hustle where many people spend countless hours locked in the blue light zone of our computers and phones. Face and body dysmorphia is a growing topic for discussion as researchers have discovered that the effects of this overindulgence in screen time has left the average person dissatisfied with their appearance. Visible signs of ageing such as grey hair, sagging skin and wrinkles appear more prominent on screen, hence an increase in more consumers seeking appointments for injectables, chemical peels, and for the more extreme, plastic surgery. What Is “Zoom Dysmorphia” and Why Does It Hurt So Much? | Psychology Today. Others may be distraught by the excess pudge on their jawline or neck and search for weight loss and body sculpting solutions. Whether the concern is face, body, or both, it’s time to set down your device and pay close attention to these 5 rules!

Less ZOOM more BOOM rule #1: Dose your screen time

Long days on your laptop for work, followed by long nights scrolling through social media on your phone not only disrupts your sleep, but may reduce your libido and overall drive to be physically active. Dose your screen time and replace fingerboard surfing with physical exercise or a “naughty nooner” if you have a mate at home. We’ll let you define what the naughty nooner looks like. 

Less ZOOM more BOOM rule #2 – Get your glam on!

Rather than showing up to your zoom meetings in your pajama pants and blazer, with quickly combed hair and chapstick, think back to the days when you actually went to the office or had a face to face meeting. Get dressed, add some glam and BOOM – not only will you feel better, but how you view yourself on screen will most likely be elevated too. Besides, with mask mandates lifted it’s time to get your glam on again.

Less ZOOM more BOOM rule #3 – Supplement your body and skin with Lutein & Vitamin A

Of course we had to add some science. Did you know that your devices emit negative blue light which not only impacts your eye health, but also accelerates skin ageing? A dose of Lutein aids both of these issues, and many ingestible supplements such as BEND Beauty’s Renew + Protect contains it, along with Omega 3 and 6 to reduce inflammation and support your skin. Paired with Environ’s topical skin care, formulated with the precise dose of Vitamin A, you’ll be well protected against the damaging effects of blue light.  

LESS ZOOM more BOOM rule #4 – Consider a social media cleanse

Experts suggest a social media break or cleanse if you find your anxiety is more heightened than normal. Stress and less downtime due to excess media exposure can contribute to increased cortisol levels in the body, which can translate to weight gain and poor self image. Delete instagram or Tik Tok for 2 weeks, end the cycle of scrolling, and then evaluate how you feel. We bet better. 

LESS ZOOM more BOOM rule #5  – Visit a clinician for extra skin care support

Does your skin feel more itchy or reactive than normal? Cortisol levels in the body can also heighten skin sensitivity and inflammation. Our nurses can help! Pairing Environ home care products with in-clinic Essential Treatments are the SOS solution for irritated skin. For a more indepth look on how stress and cortisol levels affect skin, known as the “Brain-Skin Connection”, visit this link Brain-Skin Connection: Stress, Inflammation and Skin Aging – PMC ( You can also book a complimentary skin consultation with one of our nurses to build the perfect treatment plan for your skin needs. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best self. 

Human behaviour, driven by instinct and the power of the brain, plays a role in how we perceive ourselves. However, it is important to remember that societal influences, whether it be Hollywood driven or social media based, are not the ideal basis to form realistic criteria of how the average person should look. Unfortunately, many of us invest too much time trying to be something or someone that is not in our natural DNA. The solution to improve SELF doesn’t always require invasive procedures, fad diets or needles. Your body and face are with you for life with certain aspects needing extra TLC.  Food for thought: healthy change isn’t always instant. Change takes time, conscious effort and even support from someone we trust or can confide in when the going gets tough. Our team of medical professionals can help you achieve your goals whether it’s to improve your body image, skin or overall health. 

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